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Niveau: (begynder, intermediate, master, el andet)

Hold Dag Tid Startdato Instruktører
Salsa Beginner Cubansk Onsdag 18.00-19.15  9 maj Christopher og Kasia
Salsa Intermediate 1 Cubansk Onsdag 19.15-20.30  9 maj Christopher og Kasia
Salsa Intermediate 2 Cubansk Torsdag 18.00-19.15  17 maj Jakob
Salsa Intermediate 3 Cubansk Torsdag 19.15-20.30  17 maj Jakob
Salsa Advanced Basic Mandag 19.15-20.30   28 maj Jakob
Bachata Beginner søndag 15.00-16.15 Fernando
Kizomba & Semba Beginner tirsdag 18.00-19.00 Daniela & Milo
Kizomba & Semba Intermediate tirsdag 19.00-20.00 Daniela & Milo
Kizomba and Semba advanced tirsdag 20.00-21.00 Daniela & Milo


Info om SALSA & Bachata:

Salsa- 8 lektioner á 75 min. kr 700 pp

Salsa – 8 lektioner á 75 min. for studerende/arbejdsledige kr 500 pp

SALSA: Hvis du tager flere hold i samme sæson (samme 8 ugers periode) betaler du fuld pris for første hold og 500 kr. for de efterfølgende. Prisen er pr. person.
For studerende/arbejdsledige er prisen for to hold i samme sæson 800 kr.



In our classes we will put attention and focus on the principle foundations that defines Kizomba and Semba as dances and music in order to enable students to dance socially regardless of occasion.

Emphasis will be put on transferring our knowledge the best way possible. The important feedback for us is to see our students grow and enjoying themselves while doing so. We use a huge bucket of humor and laughter as well as order to create a good atmosphere and balance in our classes.

The upcoming season will have 3 levels distributed over a period 8 occasions of 1 hour each.


1) Kizomba & Semba Beginner:
Semba and Kizomba have the same base and the fact that Kizomba as a dance and music originates from Semba are the reasons why we’ve merged the beginners class into one.
– No previous experience is required
– Focus on basic steps, posture, leading and following technique, core movements and music that defines Kizomba and Semba.
– After this level our students will be able to take their first social dances.

3) Kizomba and Semba Intermediate:
– Beginner levels are required.
– Continue focus on basic steps with more challenging leading and following technique in combination with tricks, and more challenging movements.
-After this level our students will be able to dance socially at a comfortable level.

4) Kizomba and Semba advanced:
– Beginner, intermediate levels are required.
-Focus on high technical level steps and movements.
– After this level our students will be able to lead and follow the music in a relaxed way, breaking away from patterns and steps, dancing in a more fluid natural way and performing advanced steps without loosing the rythm, the partner nor the enjoyment.

1 level – 800dkk
2 levels for 1400dkk dkk (this option is not available for new beginners)
Students and retired people get 20% discount upon presentation of their cards